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A gaming projector with a good short game, but lacking in fundamentals

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Sound is another important part of an immersive game experience, and another plus for the GT The watt mono speaker delivers good sound quality, along with enough volume to fill a typical family room or living room. If you want still better quality, you can plug an external sound system into the stereo miniplug output. Setup and Brightness The GT is small and light enough, at 4 by Setup is typical for a short-throw projector, with a manual focus and no optical zoom. Position the projector at the right distance from the screen to give you the image size you want, connect a cable between the projector and an image source for instance, a gaming console or gaming PC and focus.

I found the GT easily bright enough fora inch diagonal image in moderate ambient light.


GTDarbee Get closer! More depth, more detail - Optoma Europe

For smaller screen sizes or dimmer lighting, you can lower the brightness by switching to Eco mode or a lower-brightness predefined mode. Image Quality and Lag Game images share some aspects of data images and some of video, so to handle games well, a projector has to do a good job with both video and data screens. The GT does, or at least does well enough. See How We Test Projectors. On our standard suite of DisplayMate tests, the GT delivered good color balance in all predefined modes, with suitably neutral grays at all shades from black to white. Colors are also suitably eye-catching and saturated in most modes, and the projector does a good job with detail, with white text on black, for example, crisp and readable at sizes as small as 9 points, and black text on white easily readable at 6.

However, I saw one odd problem, which I also saw with the Optoma model. With some live and recorded digital video, the GT showed an unacceptable level of posterization shading changing suddenly where it should change gradually. I don't consider this serious, however, because the problem cropped up only in the brightest modes, didn't show with filmed material, and didn't even show with all live or recorded digital video.

I didn't see many of the rainbow artifacts flashes of red, green, and blue that are always a potential concern for DLP projectors. Even people who see these artifacts easily, as I do, are unlikely to see them often enough with the GT to find them annoying. Image quality for 3D is essentially the same as for 2D for all of those aspects of image quality that both modes share. The projector also did well on issues specific to 3D content. I didn't see any crosstalk and saw only a hint of 3D-related motion artifacts.

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One last important feature for game playing is lag time. I measured the lag, using a Leo Bodnar Video Input Lag Tester , at just 33 milliseconds ms , which works out to a 2-frame lag at 60 frames per second.

Czy można grać na projektorze? 100 cali z 1 metra? TEST Optoma GT1080

Most people would consider this near-excellent. It's also as short a lag time as we've seen for any projector we've tested to date, including data projectors. Features and Testing. Comments 13 Post a Comment. I think you have to be careful with comments on lag. Certainly a lot of people will be unaffected by 33 ms but as a long time gamer that figure rules out this projector for me. For some 33 ms is too laggy. Most might find it acceptable but I don't think "excellent" is true.

The problem with lag is that it is subtle - it seems OK until you try it on a sub 20ms system! Just my thoughts I did not see a VGA connector. Is this a trend with the projectors that you see? I am surprised by the input lag measurement of 33msec. Is latency the same as input lag? Seems like a pretty big difference between 14mse and 33msec. Actually your thinking Milliaseconds. Sorry about that. But this Projector is not that. So Frames are superfast.

Basically to Fast.

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I have never got any Controller lag from this Projector I own one. It just works. Your Lag with the controller is not there. It depends on the person and how fast he can React to the Video games on the screen.

Optoma GT1080 Darbee

We have seen the 14 microsecond "latency" specification and have asked Optoma for clarification but have yet to receive a response. Hi,I would just like to know from anyone who owns both or have compared this and the wst if the image quality, 3D and rainbow effects are better on this one.

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Also does it make sense to upgrade to this projector if you already own a wst? I also felt that rainbows were slightly less noticeable on the BenQ, though with both projects I really had to 'force' myself to see rainbows by rapidly scanning my eyes back and forth while watching a high-contrast scene.

In response and followup to Andy and to prevent confusion with others. Microseconds and Milliseconds there is no such thing as a millasecond are different factors of a second, there is no conversion for microseconds to milliseconds other than 1 millisecond is 1, microseconds; otherwise known as 10 to the -3 second, as microseconds are 10 to the -6 second.

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When talking about response time of a projector, we are talking in milliseconds, 34 milliseconds is 0. Lastly I should mention, 34ms is absolutely noticeable, though not as bad as some others, such as BenQ's projectors specifically the w and w which I regularly measure much closer to 50ms 3 frames of input lag.

I should also mention this doesn't really apply to console gamers as much. The perceived lag times of console games and their associated controllers is significantly less than that of PC Gamers. Mouse input lag will always be more noticeable due to the higher precision of the input source ie joystick vs mouse and the fact that over the last 4 generations of console gaming systems, the primary display device was LCD or Plasma Televisions which did not cater to low input lag as computer monitors have. The average desktop monitor now-a-days is under 5ms response time though there is the issue of decay that has some effect on the perception of lag, though is not truly relevant in this conversation.

As the frame itself takes This said, I am able to play games just fine on the Optoma EH which I have measured to be about a 33ms response time, though variable. Last name. Even if their price includes an offer-code discount, and even up to 7 days after you bought from us. Your benefits include:. Important information and exclusions.

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