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  1. The ultimate in relaxation and refreshment.
  2. What to Expect at a Korean Spa
  3. Wi Spa, Los Angeles: Hours, Address, Wi Spa Reviews: 4.5/5
  4. Korean Spas For a Soak and Sauna in L.A.'s Koreatown

I could only imagine the dating games that might take place if people were paired off based on their stopwatch numbers at Wi Spa. Being overly aware of all the bare asses now surrounding me, I opted to change in the bathroom.

The ultimate in relaxation and refreshment.

It was very clearly the road less traveled. Once I grew accustomed to my khaki uniform, I started to explore to see if you can, in fact, comfortably use a hour spa as a hotel for the night. I climbed the two flights of stairs in my Wi Spa slippers to the coed floor. Very hotel-y so far.


What to Expect at a Korean Spa

The bulk of the heated floor was taken up by patrons in white and yellow shirts sprawled on soft yoga-ish mats. On the far side of the room are five saunas: the ice sauna, salt sauna, clay sauna which, for the record, is the one Conan hung out in , jade sauna and bulgama sauna. The temperatures are displayed on the entrance to each, ranging from the degree ice sauna to the degree bulgama sauna.

Wi Spa - Best Family Fun Spa - Los Angeles 2010

To me, a hour Korean spa is the perfect spot for a solo staycation. You can keep to your own agenda and dine, sleep, eat, read, sauna and soak on your own time. And not all of us are dying to hang out with people we know in a place where nudity is required. Aside from the singles, there are plenty of families, which also gives the place a hotel sort of vibe. About 10 feet from my mat, a mother was feeding her daughter Haagen-Dazs and a boy less than a year old was wearing a white Wi Spa shirt that came down to his knees.

Taking your kids to Wi Spa is kind of like taking them to a resort without leaving town. I doubt the people-watching would ever get old seriously, the amount of people streaming YouTube videos on their phones while roasting in the degree clay sauna heat was unprecedented , but Wi Spa provides books and computers if it does.

Everything tastes better with a pinch of salt, right? So load up on the delicious galbi barbecue , kimchi fermented cabbage and bibimbap rice and veggie hot pot.

Wi Spa, Los Angeles: Hours, Address, Wi Spa Reviews: 4.5/5

Got arthritis and in need of some stress relief? Try the jade sauna. Looking for respiratory purification? Head over to the salt sauna. Ready for heavy metal detoxification? Take a trip to the clay room. Cheese attraction.

Korean Spas For a Soak and Sauna in L.A.'s Koreatown

Just make sure to hydrate and take it slowly—with a recommended minutes per room and temperatures that top out at over degrees Fahrenheit, sauna hopping is thirsty work. Inspired by the tradition of the Korean bathhouse you know, the place people bathed before running water at home was a thing , modern Korean spas are big on community.

So throw on your shorts and T-shirt and hang out in the jimjilbang aka the coed area.

There you can grab a nap, catch up on your reading, watch some TV, check your email or hang out with your buddies between sauna trips. Our spa experience is simply a much needed, and well deserved, respite from the stress of life. Clevver is hitting a Korean day spa for a seaweed wrap, full body scrub, and therapeutic massage.

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