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Switching from a pay monthly phone contract to SIM Only is a great move if you want to reduce your mobile spend. Short-term SIM Only contracts give you freedom and flexibility. If you get a rolling monthly deal, you can cancel it as soon as your dream phone is released. Instead, you can pay upfront and buy it SIM free. And if you pay for your SIM free phone with a low interest or interest-free credit card, it could work out cheaper than a pay monthly phone deal — even when you add on the cost of your SIM Only contract.

A SIM only deal works in almost the same way as a normal mobile phone contract, except that the deal doesn't include a phone. SIM only deals are great if you want to cut down on your monthly mobile bill, because they're usually cheaper than standard monthly contracts.

Great value SIM only deals.

It's ideal if you've got a phone you're perfectly happy with. It gives you the flexibility to change networks, and take advantage of different network benefits. If you're waiting for a specific phone, but it's not on sale just yet, SIM only is brilliant. Because of the short contracts, you can end your contract and get the phone of your dreams whenever it launches. It consists of three parts which are a combination of the nano, micro and standard SIM cards.

They are designed to fit any device and you simply pop out the size to fit yours. The big benefit of a day SIM only deal is flexibility.

It means you can end a deal and start a new one almost whenever you want. If there's a phone you're waiting for and you know it'll be on sale in only a few weeks, a short day SIM only deal is the perfect choice. You can view the best deal on offer from networks such as EE , O2 , Vodafone , ID and Virgin with us across the widest range of handsets.

When you find the deal you know you want, simply add it to your basket, select a delivery option, and complete the checkout process. You'll be asked to set up a Direct Debit, and also provide some information that allows us to carry out a credit check.

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Subject to approval, your SIM card will be delivered on the date you requested. An upgrade deal is when you buy a new deal on your current network to replace your old deal. You can often get better deals by doing this. The fastest way to check if you can upgrade to a pay monthly SIM only deal is with our Upgrade Checker. Just fill in your details and it'll let you know straight away whether you can upgrade today. Whether you'll be able to upgrade or not depends on how long you've had your current deal the length of time varies by network , and also whether you're on pay as you go or pay monthly.

Have a look at our upgrade help page to find out more. Some tablets can connect to the internet using a network's mobile coverage, in the same way that smartphones do. These are sometimes called connected tablets. We sell special SIM only deals that include a set amount of data each month. Slot these SIMs into your connected tablet and you can get online anywhere.

Consumer Business. Why buy from us? Explore upgrades Explore flexible leasing Explore flexible credit New. Services Trade-in your old phone Check if you can upgrade. Buying advice Why buy from us? Upgrades Can I upgrade? Upgrade Price Promise. Contact us Email or call us Contact a store Register for our latest offers New. Menu Search Stores Compare Basket. The following items have been added to the basket:. Go to basket. New Contract Pay monthly.

Where is 5G available?

Added to compare. Sales Team Customer Services Team Sim Only. Calls and texts to mobiles and landlines within the countries listed below when roaming in those countries 1, 8. A one minute minimum call charge applies. Thereafter calls are charged on a per minute basis. A pre call announcement may be heard prior to call connection. Calls to some charity helplines e.

Pay Monthly Phone SIMs

Childline are free to call and will not be deducted from your allowance. Applies to messages sent from your phone or via the EE website, ee. Call charges vary depending on the time of your call as well as other optional selections that you may choose. You will be notified of call costs and have the option to end the call at that point without incurring any charge.

The best EE SIM only deals and plans in August 12222

Please see our 'non- Standard Service' brochure for further details and for definitions of our "normal working hours" and "extended working hours". Call divert is included in your allowance where the diverted to number would have ordinarily been included in your allowance.

How to install an EE 6GB SIM; MOBILE GENIUS

Standard call rates apply to outside of allowance calls. VoIP and using your phone as a modem or 'tethering' use will be deducted from your inclusive data allowance. With this great service at your fingertips you can listen to your favourite new artists or cue up the classics, wherever your day takes you. There are two types of SIM only plan available. The first is a 12 month agreement, which offers great savings on a contract which is typically half the length of a regular deal. Offering great value for money as well as more 4G coverage across the UK than any other provider The SIM card is the heart of your smartphone.

Without it you would not be able to make calls, send texts or connect to a data service to browse the web and send emails. The handset you've just selected is refurbished stock, which means this deal is offered at a reduced cost. Due to the nature of refurbished mobile phones, the original accessories can't be guaranteed. We don't include accessories such as earphones for hygiene reasons. Find out more about refurb.

Customer Service. Track your order, update your details and claim your cashback all in your account.

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