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I asked why, and they told me that was the only access to clean. He did not that day. As for the "Promise Card" They showed me the signature line on their phone to sign that work was completed. I went back through my emails and found the entire "Promise card" they alleged I checked and signed, when I was only shown the signature portion. NO - Did we explain the cleaning process to you before starting? Only that they would cut into bottom section of handler and use whips to clean.

Yes - Did we inspect and report to you the condition of your air filters? Only to try to upsell a different filter - Did we inspect and report to you the condition of your blower and coils? Yes - Did we verify with you that your system is in working order before leaving? NO but I did call and emailed multiple times. When I told him about my distress over the issues above especially the cutting of the duct work and top of unit his exact response was: "I'm not sure anything can be done, my techs did exemplary work".

He also stated he would discuss with Matt Eaton, the Manager when he returned to the office on Monday. Again, I never heard another word or response from any of the 4 additional calls and numerous emails after this. They have ruined my Hvac system which is now pulling more dirt into the house due to careless process and unprofessional sealing According to NADCA standards Which are supposed to be airtight.

Photos available. Due to their negligence, when I sell my home and a buyer sees the cuts in the new duct work and Top of hvac unit, this will be an issue. Not to mention the 4 hours it took to clean my home from the dirt their leaking hoses and truck exhaust left.

About Zerorez Atlanta

The odor from the 2 squirts of spray they put in the unit stink and I have more everyday dirt flowing through my vents now than before they came. I would not have an incompetent company return to cause more damage. In actuality, the entire HVAC system should be cleaned. Failure to clean all components of the system can result in recontamination of the entire system, thus minimizing the benefits of cleaning.

Just as you wouldn't clean only half of your living room floor, you also would not want to clean only part of your HVAC system. Collection of Contaminants During cleaning, the entire HVAC system is placed under continuous negative pressure a vacuum to prevent the spread of contaminants. Continuous negative pressure allows very fine particles to be removed from the system as they become airborne, With ZeroRez's hoses broken and duct taped contaminants were released into house. This negative pressure also serves to extract the loosened contaminants, which are collected and removed from your home.

Which they were not System Access - It was possible to accessed through return grills, duct end caps and diffusers HVAC system cleaning is not a complex process, but each job is unique. Where possible, access to duct interiors should be made through existing openings such as supply diffusers, return grills, duct end caps and existing service openings.

Cleaning technicians may need they did not need to to cut access holes in the duct work in order to reach inside with various cleaning tools. Creation of these service openings, and their subsequent closure, requires craftsmanship and professional skills. Zerorez has not ignored any complaints or concerns from the client. We are more than happy to come out and assess the situation as a courtesy. There was no resolution to this case.

I was unable to respond to BBB in time due to health issues. I have called and left a message for Mr. Though I have NO confidence in him or ZeroRez doing what's right, by refunding and repairing the damage they caused. Zerorez cleaned my carpet and damaged the carpet in my master bedroom. The coloration was blackened and dulled and the cleaning equipment tore my carpet.

When contacted, they sent out someone to reclean the carpet in the bedroom; to no avail. The discoloration and dulled marks remain in the carpet in my bedroom. They sent someone out to "stretch" the carpet in my bedroom, but the man said the carpet "is old" and there is nothing he could do.

The damage occurred, only, in my bedroom where the technician started. If the carpet is old, why weren't other rooms impacted? First and foremost, why didn't the professional technician recognize that the carpet was old prior to cleaning and decline the cleaning' My complaint is that Zerorez accepted my payment, cleaned and damaged my carpet and has relinquished all responsibility for the damage to my carpet.

I have made several attempts to contact management; however, management ignores and does not return my calls. I am very disheartened and feel cheated and robbed. What incensed me most is their lack of professionalism as evidenced by their unwillingness to resolve this matter and return my call despite several attempts to speak with management.

Contact by the Business I would like for Zerorez to call me and discuss a resolution. Newer carpet ok living room. Master, office and 2 guest rooms on top level. Living room, dining room and den on main level. Removed heavy dirt patches and lighten up high traffic areas in living room. Rug residue has stained carpet yellow in den. Spot in master bedroom next to door, spot in living room next to fire place, and spot in den towards the right corner of the room. Explained that the enzyme doesn't remove the stains but eliminates bacteria and odors from the stains.

Client also has smaller dog. Explained that the urine of a smaller dog is highly concentrated and therefore harder to fully remove and treat. As the air is forced through these gaps, ultra fine particles pass through the carpet, which acts as a filter, causing permanent grey or black stains in these areas. This is permanent, almost impossible to remove and not a result of insufficient vacuuming. In many cases, this indicates poor filtration in the HVAC system or impacted dust in the Air Ducts Lines as the home seeks alternative ways to breathe. There is absolutely no way we did any damage to Ms.

Eskeridge's carpet. We then had a Carpet Expert, Mr. We would be happy to provide his contact information. We have gone above and beyond in an attempt to try to meet her expectations and have cleaned her carpets on 3 separate occasions. I do not accept the Zerorez' response because they have not provided one.

Instead they provided on file information and an unsubstantiated and fictious opinion about the overall condition of my carpet. They did not address my issue which is the damage done to the carpet in my master bedroom by their "top technician" according to Mr. I sent photos to Mr. Based on the photos that I sent Mr. However, the technician only re-cleaned my master bedroom. I called Mr. As reported in the response, Mr. That being the case, why didn't "top technician" notice that my carpet was too "aged and damaged" to clean, prior to cleaning?

Posted by carpetguru10 on November 2, at am. Thanks for the input! I do agree, Empowered Water, containing sodium hydroxide, is an excellent catalyst for enzyme cleaners. Many detergents today have a builder like sodium hydroxide, a surfactant, chelating agent, and enzymes to help break down oils from animals fur.

I do have a question. What do you guys end up using when you come across a house that is heavily soiled by animals oils? But there hands are tied just letting you know that not all of the techs at zerorez are in the dark about the right way to clean. My self on the other hand use fiber rinse agent or acid post sprays to knock down reisdue from most pre spray cleaners. Posted by Kassy on November 8, at am. I only wish you knew what I know.

I have tried to comment before but it is just taken off. Sorry dude. Posted by carpetguru10 on November 8, at pm. Your posts were most likely discarded by the auto-spam system. I would like to hear anything and all information you have. I am a professional carpet cleaner and get asked the question, what do you know about Zerorez? My reply not a lot I know they use an extraction process…. So thanks for the information. I have had one customer tell me they would never use them again because after the carpet dried it felt sticky, would that just be a poor technicians work?

Zerorez Atlanta Promo Codes & Promos August 12222

Posted by carpetguru10 on November 30, at pm. Hi John and thanks for the comment. There could be many reasons why the carpet would be sticky after the carpet dried. If you will read earlier comments on my board, it sounds like zerorez sometimes uses products other than empowered water. This could be the sticky residue they are feeling. In short, yes I would say the main reason would be operator error, not fully extracting residues.

I got smarter and asked for a first-in-the-morning appointment. That is complete BS. Their pricing is high because of heavy advertizing. I used zero res for the first time and am highly disappointed. First, they told me I needed the more expensive pre-treat, so the carpets ended costing me more, even with their promos then other cleaners. That wouldnt have been so bad if my carpets looked good afterwards.

But they were crunchy and stiff, the few minor stains did not come up, and basically they just looked like crap! Anyone else have a similar experience with the stiff and crunchy texture on carpets? What would have caused this? This was my experience: Light beige carpet, no pets, three adults and we seldom wear shoes in the house. We had some high-traffic walk areas and the normal wear of the carpet, but that was the selling point of Zerorez. The gentleman came out, and he answered all my questions and asked about my concerns.

Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services

When he finished, the carpet looked okay, but not great. After the carpet had completely dried, the walk area did not look clean and the overall appearance of the carpet did not impress me; vacuuming gives us the same result. I called the office and arranged to have someone come back out, and they did; however, again, after the carpet dried, it was the same. If you have a steam cleaner, and we do, use it, and save your money. Need some help here! My sick dog has been vomiting dark yellow bile all over my light beige carpet and now need a professional carpet cleaner.

Have used Stanley Steemer and Dalworth over the years for her pee, etc. What do I do now? Any suggestions? Dog has died now and need to clean the carpet thoroughly. Appreciate some advice!!! Posted by carpetguru10 on February 26, at pm. Their chemicals should contain embrittling copolymers. If stains are bad, you may want to replace the padding in the effected areas before the carpet cleaner comes.

Posted by buy toe rings on March 8, at pm. Thanks for the article. Explains a ton of the results we had with Zerorez. First, there was a white residue on our walls from the cleaning machine. So I picked up a bissell carpet cleaner to hit the spots and a lot of dirty water was coming out of the carpet. So I cleaned 3 rooms with the bissell and of the 8 tanks of waste water, they were all black with filth.

Total fail on zerorez because that was some nasty residue. Vinegar and 4 times as much distilled water mixed may help with removing the white powder. Rinse thoroughly. They will quote a price and start cleaning your carpet. Mid way through they will switch techs and the new tech will suddenly play dumb as to the amount he first tech quoted. I work for Zerorez now, i am trainer manager. We have had many studies done on our water by multiple Universities Including Berkley.

Posted by carpetguru10 on April 16, at pm. Sounds like a lot of fluff to confuse the customer. Making sodium hydroxide with electricity is still man made sodium hydroxide. Adding the word electronic just makes it sound cool! Can you direct me to literature pertaining to, and the validity of the University studies done on your water? I also work for Zerorez and have for many years now but before I managed and cleaned carpets for my apartments and found that there is nothing like what we do at Zerorez and if you doubt our products or are concerned about them i will be happy to drink them in front of you.

Posted by carpetguru10 on October 30, at am. What the heck does being able to drink your cleaning chemicals have anything to do with the chemicals ability to effectively clean carpets?!

Zerorez Oriental Rugs

Aaron, go look inside one of the big trucks and inspect the metal floor! It is very rare, if ever that customers even ask you to drink it! But if you do ZEROREZ taught us to stall and ask for some ice cubes which will dilute the water and lower the alkalinity saying that the water is too hot coming out of the wand, then stall some more and get as much saliva in your mouth as possible and then when you drink in the water to swish it around in your mouth before swallowing it to reduce the alkalinity some more!

It is all FLUFF for their advertising and with stupid or uneducated people it will and does work for them. I prefer a more honest and less deceiving approach! Posted by Ken Chapel on October 11, at am. An analogy from the pool business…. Posted by David on May 2, at pm. ChemFree has no soap or surfactant, and rinses clean. We do not use any other products for general pretreating, so the comment about bait and switch is not likely. However, we do encounter problems that require additional treatment rust, vomit, urine, etc. Of course we charge extra for these additional treatments, since they are not part of a standard cleaning.

Zerorez coupons dallas tx : Coupons dm ausdrucken

The result is a cleaning solution that is so pure you can drink it in small quantities, since the high pH would clean you out like nobodies business! Occasionally there will be so much soap left from previous cleaners that it will wick and need a second extraction. Please show us you can drink it. We really want to believe you. How do you clean 5th generation carpets? I understand that a high PH will void the warranty. Did your doctor tell you that? Or did ZR give you that? There are many people who consume really strange stuff and end up driving our healthcare costs up due to stupidity.

Have you ever eaten any of the carpet also? It makes as much sense. Sounds like you guys found a great loophole but really proves nothing. The carpet is still left in an alarmingly high ph, wich can destabilize dyes and cause cellulosic browning… maybe even corrode aluminum. First you need to get a cup, then walk over to the machine and get water from it.

Do I need to tell you the rest? It actually really good for you! It is considered safe to drink sodium hydroxide in a very diluted solution. Further indication that premicide b is in fact sodium hydroxide based. A sodium hydroxide solution has the same affect on iodine. Posted by carpetguru10 on November 5, at am. If Chem Free has no surfactant, why is it that the d-limonene in the solution can mix with water? Solvents such as d-limonene will not mix with water without the aid of a surfactant. I did some research and found out that Zero Rez is not only a consumer of Chem Free but they also manufacture it.

I used zerorez yesterday. It was suppose to be a 99 dollar visit. After the technician came, he showed me with a black light, that we had dog urine everywhere. I spent over dollars. He wanted at first and I told him no way. Carpet looks fine, but now curious if cleaning the entire two story house was really necessary. We have a steamer, but like to have either zerorez or Dalworth come a few times a year between out cleanings. Carpetguru10 is right. I have absolutely NO opinion on ZeroRez vs. Molecules form and become stable only when the charges between all of the atoms are balanced.

Zerorez Air Duct Cleaning Coupon - $50 Off

Atoms just like most people! LONG to be in stable relationships! Trying to say anything about the physics of the way a molecule behaves being determined by the way in which it was formed is just crazy. Of course not. Posted by Dave Coffey on June 26, at am. These Cleaners should be Kained. I worked for Zero-Rez for 2 years,they used tons of Morton Solar Salts,and Rock Salt to process this water,but most of the time the engineered making machines are never running because of the calcium buildup on the plastic and pvc lines…there process and advertising are so misleading….

So lye or sodium hydroxide is caustic to the skin, bad for the lungs, etc, etc. Also sodium hydroxide is an inorganic so how is their product organic? There is more lye in your tape water in the kitchen sink then zerorez water. Posted by carpetguru10 on October 31, at pm. So, I began researching almost over an hour and God I believe has led me to The Answers I was looking for through your knowledge and experience in this field.

So, I will use another company, the appointment was already set before my husband mention zerorez. Thanks again, have a great day or evening. Evidently Zerorez Omaha pissed off the wrong people. It is a soap free compund that rinses freely. Being a carpet professional and not a guy who wants to just make a buck, time needs to be taken to rinse the carpet and then do dry strokes to remove excess water. Just my opinion… I clean carpet better than anyone in xxxxxx and use the same product that zerorez does…. I have just had an experience with Zerorez and very bad carpet odors.

Posted by carpetguru10 on November 5, at pm. A water, known as Primacide A, is a disinfecting water known to kill microorganisms and bacteria that cause odors. Not all odors are caused by microorganisms and bacteria however. An experienced carpet cleaner should be able to properly identify orders and treat with The proper deodorizers. My guess is that he should have been using a bacterial enzyme or zinc salt to properly take care of the odor instead of using A water.

Thank you sir. I feel bad about that, but, I do think that their technician should have known if he would be able to handle the problem or not with what chemicals he had and acted accordingly. I am certainly grateful to them for standing up and doing the right thing as I had made it clear to the technician that he should be sure he was going to be able to resolve the problem before he started. Posted by carpetguru10 on November 6, at pm. It depends upon the smell. Zinc salts are a very effective deodorizer as they pair with offensive odors and change the way the olfactory nerve senses the way the odors smell.

Very effective for malodors. Please explain in more detail what the smell resembles. Urine or ammonia odor? Trash like odor? Chemical odor? Does it smell like a locker room? Almost as if they were left wet too long at some point. It is very different from the sour smell downstairs. I had an odor specialist that said dog oils on the sour smell.

No one has been able to ID the acrid smell upstairs wooden floors. It might be similar to the smell of wet particle board only much much stronger. I guess I would have to smell it to know what to use but Hydrocide by Bridge Point Systems is a very good product to neutralize unpleasant odors. The trick to its efficacy is to make sure the Hydrocide physically touches the odor causing material. Have the cleaning tech use hydrocide in the cleaning solution and also do a post spray with Hydrocide and an enzyme deodorizer mixed and then have him or her rake it into the carpet fibers.

It may be a good idea to pull up a corner of the carpet and see if you can see any water marks on the back of the carpet. Smell these spots. If they smell, the odor most likely is coming from a liquid spill that has saturated the pad.

Because I work for Zerorez and everything you just said is wrong! Posted by carpetguru10 on December 21, at am. Oh really? Please offer me detailed information on your process including scientific explanation and any research done from an independent laboratory. Can you explain how the zerorez system works without using the standard zerorez fluff to distract enquiring individuals from the truth?

I have not yet received a valid explanation as to how the zerorez system works since this blog was written 2 years ago. I have spent hours researching and have found some pretty solid info explaining how zerorez works. Please enlighten me…. Posted by David on December 30, at pm. Not sure who Carpetguru10 is, but I am disappointed. That kind of response which is like all the other Zerorez responses does not provide detail. I am sure their carpets are somewhat cleaner if all you did was rinse them with plain hot water. As for the purpose of this Blog, it was very helpful for me. So please start learning to only believe that which is factual and unbiased, not just what others tell you to be the truth because, well they say it is.

Always be skeptical, and you will never be fooled. In closing I pose one last question. Who really stands to profit the most from these unsupported claims, Zerorez, or you the consumer? Adding an electrical charge to water with electrodes and using words to make the process sound mystifying is not response enough to educate your potential customers as to the efficacy of your process!

This is why I am asking for solid info on the Zero Rez process. I am aware of your previous post, and thanks, which did enlighten me on the process somewhat, but I have questions. According to you, chem free is the main solution used in pre-treating textiles. The MSDS states the active chemicals, pretty much oxyclean and d-limonene. Why is it that zero Rez claims the process is residue free with chemicals like d-limonene?

D-limonene, like oil, does not mix with water. In order for d-limonene to be an effective cleaning agent in hot water extraction, it needs to be emulsified with water by way of a surfactant which Zero Rez claims are not used in their process.

What Will It Cost To Have My Carpets Cleaned?

How can this be? The main question is if Zero Rez uses sodium hydroxide infused water aka empowered water. My best educated conclusion, this is false. Eau technologies, the company Zero Rez uses to purchase their generators from, states that the active ingredient in premicide B is sodium hydroxide. From a scientific view, sodium hydroxide will not neutralize or promote rinsing of d-limonene from textile fibers.

How are you able to properly rinse d-limonene from the carpets? How does Zero Rez emulsify d-limonene in its chem free? Have there been any independent studies testing the carpet for residues after Zero Rez cleans? Sodium hydroxide is a saponifier, meaning it makes soap when mixed with oils. So when Zero Rez applies sodium hydroxide to soiled carpets that contain oily substances, which most carpets do, they are creating soap which according to zero Rez is very bad. How does zero rez address this problem?

Deionized rinse water would prevent the soap created from saponification mixed with hard water in the rinsing process from turning into soap scum which would then be deposited into the carpet fibers. How is rinsing carpets to a residue free clean achieved? PROVE your claims in a scientific manner, and if my educated speculation is wrong, I will gladly remove this blog. No disrespect but I speculate that you are not informed enough to explain the process.

You only know what the big wigs at Zero Rez headquarters want you to know. A friend of mine wants to bring this system to Australia. I hope he reads this blog. For my part , I was involved in introducing Stainmaster carpets to the country and was a member of the technical review panel for the first australian standard on carpet cleaning. Basically, with different fibres used like wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene etc, I would not recommend cleaning any carpet fibre with caustic soda aka, sodium hydroxide in general, let alone from a generator that does not specify the concentration it produces.

The tachiness and scunchy sounds scroop is due to residue in the fibre and caused by not neutralising the alkaline nature of chemical with an acid and insufficient rinsing. To summarise, I would not use this system without seeing some truly independent testing.

Posted by Sean on January 28, at pm. Great article! I agreed that unscrupulous carpet cleaners have given carpet cleaning a band name. Thanks for sharing this information. Just use xxxxxxxx and forget about the other infer methods. If so, that explains it. Posted by carpetguru10 on February 3, at pm. This is why I never posted your original post as it had advertising within the post.

I chose to edit the advertising other of this post. Have a great day! Posted by carpetguru10 on February 7, at pm. D-limonene, which is used in the zerorez cleaning system, is a VOC. Do your research before you hire ANY cleaning company if you have a newborn. I would recommend cleaning with hot steam only. This will also remove a portion of chemicals in the carpet which off gas and could also be a contributing factor to SIDS. None of our are products are toxic in anyway.

I operate a Zerorez and am more then willing to have the carpetguru come and ride with me and see for himself. Yes you can drink chem free, but why would you want to. Stuff taste horrible. The only issue I have with this blog is it should be non- basis. Zerorez does not call out any of it competitors. Which is pointed out by Shaw and many other manufactures. It is rather common in this line of work.

We at Zerorez strive to provide our customers a great cleaning experience without the bashing of the other companies in our service areas. So I ask that before just doing a Google search ask a Zerorez employee or location for the information. Because you can not believe everything you read on the internet. My offer still stand Carpetguru for that ride-along. Hey Bob M stop crying and dry your tears with some sodium hydrochloride towels and get over your self. I have a large house with a lot of off white carpet.

I also have two large dogs and two cats. I have used several different carpet cleaning companies. Zerorez has given me the best results by far. I have used them 3 times with great results. Before I used Zerorez I had a problem with recurring spots, now I do not. Thanks for the post! Experience and courtesy are great characteristics of a good carpet cleaner.

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My advice, remember the name of the technician and request him or her next time. Posted by steve williams on February 13, at pm. Loved the article. With your permission I would like to use it. We also use a sodium hydroxide based pretreatment followed by a truck powered degree rinse. Just softened water.

I have been cleaning carpets, mostly for residential customers since I have many clients that have been with me for over 10 years that can attest to that. My question is, Is it toxic in any way? It has a 9. Can you fill in any of the blanks here? Posted by johannesburg on March 11, at am. Wow that was odd. Anyhow, just wanted to say fantastic blog! Here in Dallas, a Zerorez radio spot says they use only water. It is absolutely laughable that employees of this fly-by-night company come on here and defend this nonsense. Zerorez will not void your warranty we have a platinum rating from the carpet and rug institute.

Which is above the minimum gold standard that most if not all manufactures require. Posted by Mike Tubbs on May 24, at pm. And how many other cities are they in? How does that not cause warranty problems for newer carpets? They must neutralize it somehow and pushing protectorant HARD would get the customer coerced into paying for the neutralization process because it is mildly acidic…. I tell people that ask me about them 2 things: 1. They are phenomenal advertizers. Probably the best service organization advertiser I have ever encountered in over 40 years of being in the cleaning industry across the US, 20 of them cleaning residential carpets in the Phoenix metro area…and 2.

They were just smart enough to trademark the term. Posted by DirtBlasters on May 24, at pm. ZeroRez is a marketing company profiting from the labor and Investment of numerous people who simply are too inexperienced or insecure to start their own business. How long are they going to get away with this nonsense? Posted by Michael Anderson on March 28, at am. We use the most advanced equipment technology available—our hot water. Zerorez dallas tx keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition.

A clean carpet adds both beauty and comfort to your home, but a dirty carpet can actually make whole rooms feel worn out and dim. Zerorez DFW is the right way to clean your indoor environment. Zero Rez Carpet Cleaning has many benifits. I know I can depend on Cleaning Kings to do a great job of cleaning the carpets with frenziedly,.

Our electrically charged water particles eliminate the need for detergents or surfactants.