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Definitely check that out, too. You should be able to link your Schwab or any other brokerage account seamlessly. Image courtesy of: Charles Schwab. He currently lives his early retirement dream life in Thailand. As stated in the article, this is about moving over from Scottrade to Schwab. The only place where free trades are not included is options. Really Cool! I am going to try to see if Scottrade will give me some free trades or match the price.

Thanks for the article. Merill Lynch is on my radar. Do you know of any other online low cost brokerages that I should be looking into as well? Awesome info, thanks. Is there much of a hassle involved with switching brokers? It took all of about one minute to enter in the information so that Schwab could pull over the account. I did everything online. Literally took 60 seconds. It then takes about a week or so for the transfer to be finalized.

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Free is a great price for trades. For my money, Interactive Brokers offers the best deal. I usually pay less than 3 dollars for an equity trade and they have great options pricing. That all said, free is certainly even better. Now I wish I was a Scottrade customer. I also make use automatic investment feature. I actually considered Charles Schwab before, and may well again in the future. Hey, you have to work with what best suits you and your needs.

Hey Jason, this is intriguing. I did go over to their website, but it has no mention of this offer. Do you recommend calling them? I mean is there anything in writing that you got from them about this? How did u find out about this offer….

Scottrade Review – Discount Broker For Every Investor

I called to see what I could get elsewhere. I recommend doing the same. Yeah, there you go. I guess the onus is on people to do a little research sometimes. Wow, thanks for the link. Time to jump on this. This offer is amazing. And Schwab has been tremendous for me since the moment I switched.

Specialty Accounts

Hope the same for you. Just contacted Schwab. It could be regional. Moreover, my account is rather substantial. Passing along this information does nothing for me. I just thought some readers would benefit from it. You may want to check with your local branch. Or perhaps higher up the chain. If not, better offers could be elsewhere. I just contacted Schwab and they did confirm the deal for current Scottrade customers. I am working on making the switch today. On a related subject, you once wrote an article on DM about possibly owning assets in multiple brokerages.

I shared that somewhere. Perhaps social media. So there was always going to be a resolution, be it with TradeKing or elsewhere. I still like the idea of spreading assets around, as I tend to err on the side of caution.

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I believe that starts to occur as you hit the Platinum Preferred Rewards they offer. That itself requires a checking account with B of A. This Schwab offer works better for me, but ME could certainly work for other investors. Whatever suits your needs is what you should go with. Can be a stand alone brokerage account with ME. You can certainly have a ME account on a standalone basis, but I was referring to the free trades which requires Platinum status in their Preferred Rewards program. The free trades for 2 years have been great also!

Cheers Jason. I would have gone with Merrill a while ago, but the subpar reviews and the need to have a checking account with B of A for the free trades kept me away. I gave TK the benefit of the doubt they had similar reviews , and I later regretted that. Have zero complaints. No charge deposit by check. I made the switch about 2 months ago and got 10 years free trading on all my accounts. Its an unbelievable deal. I am really happy with Schwab. Their custom services is top notch and i really like their research reports. I am really enjoying your videos on how you value stocks.

Its great to watch how you do it as opposed to just reading about a stock you highlight. Awesome idea. Great move over there. They just keep dropping anyway. Appreciate the support on the videos. You record videos? Would be interested in seeing the videos on valuation as well. Are these on YouTube?

These videos are over at Daily Trade Alert. HI Jason I think its great when you can get the same or better products or services for a lower cost. I put this under the 2 thumbs up way up. Good for you for making the move that will benefit you. Also enjoy watching your video it was really good. Cheer Michael. It looks like we may do an extra one for July. Hope we can continue them. Jason do you do the promotional brokerage offers for cash? If you deposit a certain amount of assets stocks or cash etc you get a bonus.

Have to keep the money in for a year to keep the bonus. I just withdraw dividends so no issue. It is a dividend booster. Well, this is basically what I did. It was a promotional offer to bring assets over. This had to be a no-brainer, free trades for 8 years… just WOW. They made your decision for you :.

Free trade until ? Yeah, exactly. You could do just that. Buy one share at a time, if you wanted.

Not a bad deal. That sucks, man. But you never know what might pop up in the future. Schwab was my broker for several years, until I started trading options regularly. Great research tools.

Scottrade IRA Brokerage Promotion: Up to $2, Bonus

Far more robust than what Scottrade has. This sounds like an amazing deal to move. I have an open legacy account with Scottrade since This seems like a deal too good to pass up. Thanks for passing along this tip.

I was unaware of it before, but I switched from Scottrade to Schwab this week and look forward to ten years of commission free trading which Schwab has confirmed. Really glad to hear it worked out. Just doing what I can to help people, as always. Jason…I need to add to my comment made a few days ago.

I stated that I searched the Schwab website and chatted with an agent, who knew nothing of a special deal for Scottrade customers. On Friday I visited a Schwab office and asked the same question, and they confirmed that there is such a deal. But…the parameters are as you stated in the article…one year of free trades per year of being a Scottrade customer. There is apparently no particular amount of securities that need to be transferred from Scottrade to Schwab, but the office agent suggested that I fill out the transfer forms and bring them to the office to insure that they could enter an appropriate promo code.

However, last year Scotttrade was offering a significant cash bonus for new customers. I thought about it — then called to see if Fidelity would match it to keep me — they did. Moral of the story is to always ask. I really didnt want to learn a new system and have been very happy at Fidelity. Here are a couple of other points. I think this is why they offer large signups to compensate you for charges from your old broker. It never hurts to ask. I think I ended up with or so free trades for little things here and there, plus the referrals and everything else.

In the end, I did pretty well to keep costs down. This new move just reinforces that further. I also like Fidelity. I just moved 3 our accounts to Shwab — got free trades till July on all of them!!! Still waiting to see all 3 to be moved but just realized that on 10th one of the positions should pay dividends, wondering what will happen if account in the middle of transfer?

Your old account should continue to sweep any ongoing dividends it collects, etc. Does anybody think I should still switch to Schwab or go back with ST? I buy and hold, and this sounded like an interesting counteroffer. If Scottrade is willing to do you one better, go for it. Thanks for sharing this! Looks like the promotion is still good and it worked for me for 8 yrs of free trades. I actually gave Scottrade a call and asked if they could match or beat this promotion. They said that they have very little negotiating power now that they are being acquired. They actually said that in my situation, it would probably be best if I switched to Schwab haha.

Yeah, Scottrade has almost no bargaining power now. Any reimbursement of any fees that may be incurred would really have to be discussed between you and Schwab. I agree. I have been with Scottrade for as long as I can remember. It was the acquisition of Ameritrade that made me move my money out. After seeing how they ask too many personal questions about how much you make, how much own property and liquid assets.

Take care of business with specialty accounts

Too nosy for my taste. Best of luck with the new platform. Moving over to Schwab has been a phenomenal experience for me! I have been with Scottrade for more than 10 years. I like their people in the Dayton office and the service has been very good. With TD being the new owner I am told not much will change but have better research engines. I do like the cheaper trade cost of Swab but not much else I see is different. Nothing but goodness so far. Schwab gave me free trades for 6 years. I highly recommend the transfer to all Scottrade clients. Thanks to you again, I would have never known.

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Scottrade Online Broker Review - Sign Up Process Overview (Part 1)

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