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A jar of pasta sauce and some shredded cheese are added directly to the frozen noodles — no defrosting or boiling needed.

Giant Deals This Week: FREE tea, $.25 fries, and more

The result is a ravioli bake that will become your go-to favorite for weeknight dinners and potluck offerings. We Also Love. Black Bean and Cheese Enchiladas. Smothered Chicken Queso Casserole. Italian Baked Pasta. Cheesy Sausage and Penne Casserole. Try These Next. Microwave Ravioli Casserole. One-Pan Pasta and Meatballs. Quick Chicken Quesadillas. Grilled Pesto-Stuffed Steaks. Grilled Raspberry-Glazed Chicken.

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Easy Italian Vegetable Focaccia Sandwich. Rate and Comment. I liked that this was easy and quick and could be made ahead and baked. The family really liked it. I used my own spaghetti sauce and it was very good and easy to make. I made this and my husband absolutely loved it. I passed it along to my daughter-in-law who has some very picky eaters and they also loved it.

We'll all definitely be having this again soon. I love this recipe, but how long do I need to bake it if it's frozen? Or do I have to thaw it first? I have a big group coming and am making at least three pans ahead of time and hoped to freeze them. I love this! It's so easy and delicious! Sometimes I add some cooked ground sausage. My go to potluck meal as well.

ALL YOU Magazine Coupons: October 2011

Tasted really good and was very easy to make. My son really enjoyed it and happily ate the leftovers! Very easy to make. My family said it tasted just like lasagna.

Lucas Learns How to Make Ravioli from an Italian Master Pasta Maker — Dining on a Dime

I think next time I'll add some ground beef. We love this. It's a quick and easy dish to make after work. Made it for church family and delivered for dinner meal. Easy to make and enjoyed by all ages of the family. I have made this several times and it always turns out well. Loved it, I added parsley sprnkled on top as well. Warms over nicely too. Most of these recipes make too much food for 3 people.


This is easy to scale down, will try it. It was great. I use it with cheese tortellini and some turkey meatballs! This was good but don't really see the difference from boiling them and adding sauce and cheese. My family loves this. To add more flavor try layering fried Italian sausage. I use the hot variety. We liked this, but it was missing something. Will try this recipe again but with more sauce and added spices. Also will reduce the cooking time, as it was a little overcooked. It was good and super easy to make I just feel like it was a little bland.

Quick and easy! A lot of the flavor is dependent on what sauce is used. Yes, I have made this several times. It is simple and can be put in the oven way ahead of eating. It is as good as my recipe that calls for more steps and more ingredients. I might use a bit more sauce, depending on what I have.

Too much for 2 people. I would not make as much next time if only making it for 2 of us.

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So easy and so delicious! In place of the Mozzarella we used a 5-cheese Italian blend. This tasted almost better as leftovers the next day. This is a family favorite and one of the few meals my daughter asks for when she is home for the summer from college! It is so easy to make! It tastes better a few days later too! Has anyone used fresh spinach instead of frozen? Will it work? Good recipe! Just as it stands it's pretty bland and basic. This to me is like a base recipe that needs a lot of doctoring to make it have any taste.

Very simple though and quick to throw together. I don't think anyone could destroy this recipe it is so forgiving. You can add whatever you and your family like to it. If it isn't spicy enough for you, put more spice in, if you want veggies, use spinach or kale nothing is off limits. You basically have everything to make this wonderful recipe in your pantry, so get ready and make it your own. I made this as a meal for my grandparents after my grandma had been in the hospital and they couldn't stop raving about it!

I love how easy this recipe is and my kids can help me make it. Plus i have tried variations of raviolis to make it interesting. This is by far one of my favorites and a go to recipe when i want to do very little.

Giant Deals This Week: FREE tea, $ fries, and more - Frugal Lancaster

I really did not use that much sauce but it came out sloppy. I'm making this for the 2nd time tonight. This one is a keeper for sure! I made this for my grandchildren but I added hamburger to it and it was really good. It was way better the 2nd day. I added some browned sausage, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. It tasted okay, but it was too dry for me. Sargento Cheese or Snack Bites - 4. Selected Pringles Snacks 5. Smartwater, Gold Peak or Honest Tea - Pepsi Products 6 ct Maxwell House Coffee 28 to Selected Ortega Taco Dinner Kits 9.

Kraft or Velveeta Mac and Cheese Cups - 1. Wish-Bone Dressing or Mix - 2.

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