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  2. Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Weedmaps is like a hybrid of Yelp and Google Maps. In short, people interested in buying marijuana can see where the doctors and dispensaries are located, while also accessing customer reviews and other up-to-date information. Over the past several years, Weedmaps has definitely worked to get the company's name out there, in addition to buying billboard space. They also own marijuana. Weedmaps has competitors.

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  • With little funding or political will, Michigan police let black market weed slide.
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But currently, Weedmaps seems to have control of this relatively newfound market. It seems as though the app took off around the perfect time, especially when more than half of the United States has laws in place that legalize marijuana in some form. And it makes sense: People with medical marijuana cards who might not otherwise smoke, likely want to feel comfortable buying the product from somewhere they can trust. There really is an app for everything, even one answering the age-old question: Who has the best pot in town?


It just wants to help people figure that out on their own. Graham Media Group Residents call for change after public safety mileage falls in Bloomfield Township News. It was my first time using it.

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I paid for a tooty fruity Dr. Zodiak cartridge and when I got my order it was empty and also it was the wrong flavor. I am not over exaggerating, it was empty. I had been scammed. I wrote an email with a picture to green frogs and then I called.

A lady answered the phone, she answered, I told her the problem and she told me to write an email with an attached picture. I told her I did that prior to calling. She said she would look at the email and call me back.

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I called back and got sent to voicemail. Mind you I waited over an hour to receive my product. They then blamed me in the email that I was the third person with an Illinois ID to complain about their order. So now I am a liar and I have smoked a full gram oil catridge by myself in 10 minutes? They continue to argue with me telling me they are outside waiting on me to bring it out so I can get my money back.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

They were never here!!!!!! Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Weedmaps is your guide to cannabis. Jul 29, Version 8. Size Patients must renew their certification with a doctor every two years to stay legal. Michigan has three categories of approved conditions for using medical marijuana.

The third category has just one qualifying condition: PTSD. While some mistakenly believe that autism is a qualifying condition, according to Dr. Virtually everywhere; because medical marijuana has been legal in Michigan since , dispensaries are abundant, although many municipalities i. It becomes harder to find dispensaries as you travel north and west in Michigan, but they do exist. The greatest concentrations of dispensaries are around Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint, and Lansing, which makes sense: bigger cities demand more plentiful dispensaries.

In Michigan, you can also designate a caregiver to grow marijuana and produce products for you. Caregivers are a real lifesaver for patients in the western, southern and northern parts of the state where dispensaries are few and far between. Depending on their location and the amount of competition in the area, Michigan dispensaries can offer a dizzying literally array of marijuana products and accessories.

In addition to all the ingestible, smokable products, dispensaries also sell every accessory you need to get fully medically crunk: rolling papers, lighters, pipes, bongs, vape pens, dabbing rigs rechargeable pen-like smoking devices for resins , and vaporizers.

Roots Provisioning Center - Bay City, Michigan Marijuana Dispensary | Weedmaps

Virtually no dispensaries take credit cards, because the banking and asset forfeiture rules for dispensaries are confusing at best, and a recipe for jail time at worst. Bring paper money or an ATM card, and expect to be dealing in green in every direction.

In Michigan, dispensaries are heavily regulated and licensed by the state The applicant has to provide tax and financial data going back three years, submit background checks on anyone taking part in the business criminal history and litigation history are both on the table here , produce documentation about other businesses or property interests, and present a detailed plans for keeping records, marketing products and maintaining inventory.