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With year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, any time is a good time to pack your bags and jet off to South Africa. Although last minute South Africa holidays involve a long haul flight, it's worth going the extra mile for. Summer and winter seasons are reversed from us in the northern hemisphere. Some areas experience a rainy season, so check local weather reports before booking. May to October is usually the best time to go on a safari. See the stunning views during Cape Town's Namaqualand Flower Festival in September, when millions of daisies come into bloom.

Activities include a trail run, yoga, live music and an open mic. Or celebrate Afrikaner culture in March at the national arts festival, Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees, with food stalls and live music at Oudtshoorn. Last Minute Holidays to South Africa. Enter a departure.

How to find cheap last-minute flights

South Africa. Tue, 20 Aug. Tue, 27 Aug. Even if you are unsure about your return date, you could still save by booking a flexible ticket that allows for free or cheaper changes. Similarly when travelling internationally to cities like New York, London, Paris and Turkey you can make use of the "All airports" option to find the cheapest flight to all available airports.

When booking international flights from Cape Town and Durban, it is worth keeping in mind that there are more airlines flying into and from Johannesburg. It could work out cheaper to book international flights departing from and returning to Johannesburg and then simply adding a domestic flight. If you do choose that option, you want to leave more than enough time for flight delays and cancellations as you are taking on all the risk and liability for missed flights yourself. The more time you can give yourself, the better!

Subscribe to the SouthAfrica. TO mailing list - this will alert you to flight specials, and give you a feel for prices. This way you can be the first to see when we share amazing flight deals. Make sure you sign up to all your favourite airline's newsletters so that you can be the first to know about any exclusive specials they are running.

Airline's don't always open up their best specials to all travel agents. Where airlines have codeshare arrangements i. Also, Kulula sells British Airways flights on their website, sometimes at a cheaper price than you can book the flights on the British Airways site you can tell that it's a British Airways flight if the flight number has 4 numbers in it, e.

MN - we've seen situations where over R can be saved on BA flights by booking them on Kulula's website. We've also seen it happen the other way round, where flights are cheaper on the BA website than on the Kulula website. Direct non-stop flights are the most convenient, which means it comes at a premium. Sure you are taking a small risk with each stop-over as bad weather and flight delays might cost you a connecting flight, but as long as you stick to airlines you trust and make use of a good travel insurance your risk should be covered.

One-stop flights are usually much cheaper than direct options. To reduce this risk, especially when booking with a lesser known airline, always purchase your airline tickets with a credit card. Most provide a safeguard so that if a supplier fails to deliver, you can turn to your card issuer for a refund. You will have to pay off the full amount within the first month though, before the interest rate kicks in.

Don't forget to issue your free travel insurance that most credit card providers offer when purchasing flights and paying with the card! These policies are there for the taking, but they need to be issued before travel commences otherwise you don't enjoy coverage. Each bank's policy differs, but most will offer standard travel insurance for tickets purchased for the card holder and close family members. If the policy doesn't provide sufficient coverage it can usually be "topped-up" at a small additional fee.

Travel insurance could potentially save you hundreds of rands on international flights should you need to cut a holiday short for medical reasons or any other situation covered by that specific policy. When needing to change a booking , check what the costs are of doing it on the internet versus doing it telephonically.

It's usually cheaper to make changes on the internet. We have not seen any evidence of airlines differentiating pricing based on online behaviour, but it is theoretically possible. Don't forget to use your loyalty discounts. You have to pay to enjoy the benefits offered by Discovery Vitality, but you can save on a limited number of international and domestic flights each year.

Use the pay later option as a "hedge-bet". It gives you hours to look for a better rate and eliminates post purchase dissonance if an airline decides to run a special. British Airways recently launched a new option to hold international bookings for up to three days, or 72 hours to be precise. This is a great way to hold a flight and see whether any cheaper flights become available during that time and other airlines will surely follow suit! Earn travel vouchers to discount your flights with or even travel for free if you earn enough!

You earn travel vouchers by emailing us a writeup and photos of your flight and trip the more you give us, the more we give you! Take part in airline competitions - you've got a better chance of winning than when you enter the lottery. If you're really desperate for a cheap flight, then date a pilot or flight attendant!

STA Travel | Last Minute Deals

Or better yet get a job as one - they have loads of flight perks. It is not all about the cost, being comfortable is just as important! This is especially true if you're cramming yourself into the sardine tin for a long-haul international flight.

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Below we share our tips to securing the best seat. Choose your airline carefully!

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  • Traditionally low-cost carriers are viewed as offering less comfortable seats. Whilst they do often cram in more seats resulting in less leg room, a more accurate way to determine seat comfort would be to find out how old their seats are. New innovations means that even a small, low-cost seat can be very comfortable!

    This is why airline reviews are so valuable. Once you've chosen your airline the next challenge is to get the most convenient seat. Most airlines charge for advance seating , so if you're set in booking your lucky seat you will likely have to pay up. If you'd rather spare some cost, you can wait for online check-in to open and select a seat for free.

    Last Minute Deals

    This usually happens 48 - 24 hours before departure, but double check on your airline's website as it can be different. Snap up your favourite seats as soon as possible! Don't dilly dally when looking at the seat chart as availability is constantly changing. Lock in your chosen seats as soon as possible! What happens if you try to check in online, but there aren't any free seats available that tickle your fancy?

    Airlines allocate a specific seat to each passenger long before they log in to check-in, so if you wait a while you might find those seats already allocated become available if those passengers make seat changes. You're basically playing an online game of musical chairs everytime you reload the seatmap!

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    Similarly if an aircraft is very full, charges on some special seats might be removed as those become the only available. There is some risk attached to this, so don't wait too long. So how do you find the perfect seat? Skyscanner is a great resource that all travellers should utelise. In a previous survey seat 6A came out top, as it was close enough to the front of the aircraft to allow for a quick exit and early food service, but not too close to the toilet.

    Personal preferences come into play though. Window seats obviously offer a great view, but it can be a pain if you're constantly having to get up. It is a great option for solo travellers though as the added space and privacy on one side can be invaluable. Aisle seats are a catch as they do offer a solution for those longer limbed among us, but the last thing you want is for the drinks trolley to be jammed into your knee. So perhaps it is best if you're shorter and like getting up frequently.

    The middle seat is, as everyone know, the only option that is available when you don't check-in online.

    Cheap Domestic Flights

    It is often used by couples travelling in pairs of two or three. Although you can take a risk and book an aisle and window seat to the back of the plane, hoping that the middle seat stays open. It is usually easy enough to offer the third passenger the aisle or window seat if luck isn't on your side.

    The back of the aircraft is usually sandwidched between two loos, not ideal if your flight departs from Delhi! But as it is the least desired seats, it often is also usually the quietest part of the aircraft. Worth taking the risk? It is up to you! Maybe if you can seat yourself furthest away from the toilets. The middle of the aircraft is usually around the wing and supposedly the best spot during turbulance.

    Unfortunately it seems the secret is out and many choose to seat themselves in this rather large, noisy part of the plane.

    Finding Cheap Domestic Flights Has Never Been Easier

    The front of the aircraft , right behind business class, is usually where you'll find the bassinets and crying babies. It is also closest to the only guaranteed exit, so is best if you have to make a quick connection.

    Cheapest flights from USA to SOUTH AFRICA

    Eventhough most airlines have two exits, they don't always open both for boarding and disembarking. Emergency exit seats are the most in demand for lengthier passengers as there is nothing limiting your leg room. Do note though that these passengers have no under-seat storage and can only make use of the overhead lockers.

    A small price to pay if you qualify though!