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Fibre broadband plans for businesses | e-Ports, your broadband provider

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Need help? We're here to answer your questions and fix your problems. Already with us? Special Offer. Start your order. Included in all our packages. Plus plenty more benefits to help support your business. Find out more. All the info you need about our broadband and phone packages Broadband.

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What our customers say I didn't hesitate to recommend Plusnet Business. When you want to speak to someone Plusnet has been a cost effective and reliable solution for our business. Line Rental When you switch your phone service to Plusnet you'll pay line rental to us, instead of your current provider. Want free activation? Take fibre broadband, and add one of our phone packages to get free fibre broadband activation.

Line Rental for Broadband only You'll need to pay line rental to Plusnet or another BT based landline provider to get our broadband. Should I cancel my current broadband service? What equipment will I need? Can I connect more than one computer? What broadband packages are available in my area?

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Read all FAQs. Can I keep my own phone number? Do I need an existing landline to signup for a Plusnet package? When will my service go live? Will I stay online until I'm connected? How does it work? What does it mean for me? Will speeds go up and down? Who can get it? Available to new Plusnet Business customers signing up at www. You may add a Plusnet Business call plan at an additional cost.

Prices and terms may vary at any time during the contract. We'll tell you about important changes in advance.

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This price cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. There is no cash alternative to this price. Other exclusions and conditions may apply. Fixed Price Contracts For our broadband only contracts, the fixed price applies to the broadband monthly price only excludes other services, such as add-ons. Broadband Broadband speed: We'll give you the best download speed available up to 18Mb if you live in a high speed area dependent on your location, premises wiring, length of your line and time of day. For details of the provisioning and in-life fault service levels provided with our broadband products see: Business Broadband service levels Fibre Broadband Fibre broadband speed is described as 'up to' because your actual download speeds will vary.

For details of the provisioning and in-life fault service levels provided with our phone products see: Business Phone service levels Prices, content and terms may change at any time during your contract. Why do you describe speeds as 'up to'? The speed you'll get on your line will depend on several things Distance from your telephone exchange: A standard phone line can be several miles long, from your local exchange to your address.

Shorter phone lines can support higher speeds. So, the longer the phone line the slower the speed. The quality of your telephone line: A phone line consists of 2 insulated copper or aluminium conductors twisted round each other. Damaged, corroded or poor connections between cables will often result in poorer speeds. Other things like bad weather, electrical interference from household appliances and demand at peak times can also affect broadband speeds.

Switch with us to fight climate change - FREE! Working with Carbon Footprint, we will offset kg of CO 2 for every single deal purchased through our site. For any deal you choose through BroadbandDeals. Go to OffsetYourInternet to learn more or change your selection. Find out more about these projects at OffsetYourInternet. Speeds are often much lower at busy times of day, or if you live more than 1 mile from the exchange. Fibre-to-home broadband FTTP offers the highest speeds by running full-fibre cables right into your property.

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  • FTTP is currently only available to a very limited number of households. You may not be able to receive the displayed speed on your connection. Actual speeds will vary by location, particularly for mobile broadband. Some providers offer deals with a set quantity of data per month. These deals are rare nowadays for home broadband, as with the advent of HD and 4K video and game streaming, many users will not wish to be limited.

    Monthly cost is the total cost per month at the beginning of the contract. Some deals will revert to a higher price after an initial offer period. First year cost is the estimated total cost of the first 12 months on this broadband deal. Comparing first year costs can sometimes give a more accurate idea of how much you will pay overall. Outside of any inclusive calls allowances, calls will be charged at the following rates:.