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Customers can maintain, top-up and purchase from their fund balance. Grows customer lifetime value. No need to remember or type codes. Sell gift vouchers or give a discount on other products on purchase of one product. Great for upsells, cross-sells, downsells and to encourage repeat sales! Handy coupon insertion tool in content editor and full design control via CSS. Also get beautiful coupon designs to show on your site. There is a lot more to Smart Coupons though… View the documentation for detailed info on using Smart Coupons on your site. Make your customers feel special.

Provide them with a coupon during holiday season which they can redeem anytime while making a purchase. Using this WooCommerce coupons extension, you can offer a free or other valuable products along with the main product by linking the product with the coupon. Create a discount coupon and allow its usage only on a specific higher priced product. Link this coupon with a related lower priced product. This encourages more people to buy the lower priced product and many of them will convert to a higher priced product as well.


Coupon Management

If a customer is not satisfied at the first purchase, you can issue him a store credit to bring him back to your store and encourage him for his next purchase to compensate for earlier poor experience. Hope you liked these applications. Developers, store-owners and end-users, everybody love and rely on WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin every-time to grow their sales, reward their customers and create loyalty. Be it the holiday season, special events or occasions, look no beyond than Smart Coupons. So get WooCommerce Smart Coupons and see your sales soar.

WooCommerce Smart Coupons.

Coupon Management - WooCommerce Docs

Demo Docs. The best solution for flexible coupon management WooCommerce Smart Coupons is the most popular and easy-to-use coupons plugin to create, issue and manage everything around coupons, credits, and gift cards. Sheer frustration, mental stress and waste of time. Review of the best coupon and gift certificate plugins for WooCommerce.

This little selection of WooCommerce Coupon plugins should help you have some unique features in order to stand out. Smart Coupon for WooCommerce by WebToffee is an add-on plugin, tailor-made to meet varied coupon specific functionalities. Additional sought-after features are conveniently integrated with the standard WooCommerce Coupon panel to enhance its functionality.

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With the plugin, coupons can be issued with various checkout options based on location, filtering it further with the shipping address or billing address of your choice. Multiple giveaway products can be embedded in a coupon, whereby the customer will be given with the provision to choose a product they want from among the available products during checkout. Using bulk generation feature of the plugin, a specific number of coupons can be generated as per the matching criteria from the coupon data section. These generated coupons can then be added to the store directly, exported as a CSV file or even emailed to recipients.

Gift Coupons can be used for gifting coupons for friends via email or for redeeming in future purchases. The plugin also has the feature to allow users to avail store credit, which they can use for themselves, or gift to their friends. The plugin also allows users to use a combination of coupons for a purchase. Coupon Box plugin displays a pop-up allowing customers to tick on the GDPR checkbox and subscribe their email to get discount coupons. This plugin has triggers option for display the pop-up.

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  • You can select to display the coupon box pop-up after a selected time after customers scroll their mouse when customers are about to leave your site with any interaction. And more, You can set different times for case that customer subscribed to their emails and the case that customers skip the pop-up. Coupon Wheel Plugin help engages your customers by giving them a chance to win a coupon by spinning a fortune wheel in the popup. Try it today! According to research, customers convert more when offered a discount. Additionally, offering location-aware, contextual offers significantly boosts conversion rates.

    After every order, the customer will receive a coupon for their next order. This way, after the first order, they will get a discount and be more motivated to come back.

    Smart Coupon

    The generated coupon needs a role model coupon, which can be configured via Coupons managements in WooCommerce. WooCommerce Coupon Exclusions is a powerful and easy to use WooCommerce extension which provides extended coupon usage restrictions. WooCommerce Coupons Countdown is an extension for WooCommerce , providing pretty coupons with real-time countdown counters.

    Show your customers the coupons they can use and when they expire.

    WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend is a great marketing plugin that allow your customers to become your ambassadors. Once the plugin is set up it gives the opportunity to your customers to sponsor or refer friends by filling a simple form with their friends data First Name, Last Name, Email address and an optional message.

    If the form is valid email must not already belong to your active customers database , it will send an email containing a unique Coupon for that person. You decide the amount, the type and the duration of that coupon. An extension for WooCommerce which enables you to offer a coupon after the checkout process has been completed to use on the users next purchase. An options page will be added to WooCommerce which allows you to set the options for the coupon that is created.

    Add as many custom roles as you want and create different discounts for them. This extension for WooCommerce allows to override the default messages for coupons.

    WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons is an extension for WooCommerce , providing automatic discounts and coupons based on the quantities of products in the cart.