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Get a Discount on NBRC Exams

Working together, we can help your students understand the value of the rigorous competency testing required for credentialing and licensure. The NBRC offers a wide range of helpful services at no charge for accredited schools. Services available to you include:. If you are not currently enrolled with the NBRC for these free services, please contact our Executive Office or email us requesting more information.

Standard and Comprehensive SAEs are available for program directors to order online. Comprehensive SAEs are secure forms of the Self-Assessment Examinations, and they can only be purchased and used by accredited respiratory care education programs. Volume discounts are available at the time of purchase when ordering 10 or more of the same SAE. Program directors can also access special online group summary reports detailing student performance.

LindseyJones CRT RRT Exam Preparation

The web-based testing system is designed to provide on-demand reports with the results of student examinations. Four different summary reports available:. Summary Part I. Summary Part I contains a roster of your students who have completed the examination to date. The report includes individual ID numbers as a unique identifier , name, date the examination was completed, and the total raw score achieved on the examination.

This report also computes the average overall score for the individuals completing the examination within the specified date range. Summary Part II.

Prepare to feel confident and relaxed on exam day

This report shows the maximum score possible by content area and computes the average score by class, school, and all individuals who have completed this form of the examination within the specified date range. Summary Part III. Summary Part III is an item statistics report that provides the following information for each question on the examination, based on examinations completed within the specified date range:. With one of our HomeStudy solutions, you'll enjoy your own seminar at home.

Study at your pace, on your own schedule, and enjoy the same great Lindsey Jones pass rates.

Respiratory Care Exam Review by Gary Persing and David H. Persing (2015, Paperback)

Each package comes with everything you need to prepare, including a comprehensive review manual, hundreds of practice questions with unlimited use, and hours of MP3 compatible audio on CD. Purchase more information. Remotely control access to TMC exams, clinical simulations, and teaching mode at the click of a button.

Enjoy unlimited streaming audio, TMC practice exams with feedback, and clinical simulations in both teaching and testing modes. Get a Quote. Thanks to our Customers and Advisors. The African country of Ghana occupies a region of what is known as the Ivory Coast, which is found on the western shelf sector of Africa. Through the University of Ghana, the country is improving the quality healthcare and meeting the specific needs of its communities. In part, this is happening through the founding of a Respiratory Care educational program that seeks to establish the first licensed Respiratory Therapists in Ghana.

In fact, RT licensure in Ghana will be a first for all of Africa. The movement is bound to result in improved healthcare, not only in the country but also in the surrounding regions, especially as it relates to respiratory care. Respiratory care students must ultimately challenge a credentialing examination.

That's where Lindsey Jones can play a key role.

We will be spending time in Ghana, gaining hands-on experience in their environment. From this experience, we will be better able to provide appropriate examination questions, relative to the healthcare needs of the people of Ghana.

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Lindsey Jones is volunteering time and materials to support the first class of RTs. Funding will be used to cover travel and donated supplies to the new class of Respiratory Therapists. LindseyJones will help write the first RT credentialing examination. You Can Help We will spending a month in Africa to donate study materials and get acquainted with healthcare in Ghana.

We will be publishing a video documentary of this historic event.

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You can help through a small donation. Lindsey Jones Collaborations. This remarkable tool allows web-based schedule creation and automatic email notification of schedule changes to students and clinical sites. Use if for free for a semester and check it out. Visit RT Scheduler. Choose from multiple exam forms, enjoy reporting against national levels, and easily administer secure assessment exams. We are accepting question submissions for possible purchase and use on the new secure exams.

Submit Questions. Doctor Thomas Lindsey Arkansas. She was admitted to a local community college as a freshman. Nadine Jones completed her BS degree in psychology and began pursuit of a Master degree, during which she quickly discovered she had cancer. During her struggle and fight with cancer, she continued on with her educational pursuits, even though some part of her knew she would never finish her degree.

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She continued because of a deep love and belief in the importance of education. She passed away in , about the time that Dennis Stanley formed the now-called company LindseyJones. Founder Dennis Stanley is the great great grandson of Dr. Thomas Lindsey and the son of Nadine Jones. On the one hand, we have Dr. Because LindseyJones is about medical education, Stanley explains, Dr.